City + Search Pay Per Lead Partner Program

Regardless of the marketing medium, the goal is to get your products and services in front of as many targeted consumers and convert them into customers. Our exclusive Pay Per Lead Partner Program is designed to do just that. It's a "Partnership" that we take seriously.

Our Pay Per Lead Partner Program:

  • Fast Set Up - We can typically get you up and running within 3-5 business days.
  • Exclusive -  We work exclusively with you in your category and regional area.
  • Eliminate Unqualified Leads -  Our techniques allow us to bypass unqualified leads, these are customers searching for your products and services, not spammy lists sold to multiple vendors.
  • Any Vertical - Whether you are looking for Roofing customers or Legal customers, we service most verticals and have experienced managers to assist you.

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Why City + Search?

We are an experienced team of growth marketers who have worked across many industries, including TV, Print, Radio and Digital. We know that all that is important to you is increasing your bottom line and growth. Our exclusive Pay Per Lead Partner Program is designed to do just that.

Lowest Cost Per Acquisition+

Best CPA in Industry - The strategies we use will ensure your cost per acquisition will be below others forms of media such as print, yellow pages, radio and TV. Our growth managers have worked in traditional mediums as account managers for national accounts and know how much more effective our systems are.

No Out of Pocket Expenses+

All Call Numbers, Tracking Software, and Marketing Costs will be paid by City+Search. The Partner will have no out-of–pocket expenses with this Pay Per Lead Partnership.


Call Tracking - Each incoming call is tracked and recorded so we can evaluate what is working, improve on your conversion rates and increase the number of leads you're closing.

Lead Verification+

Lead Verification - Each incoming lead is verified as qualified lead. Calls are routinely checked to ensure the incoming call was inquiring about your product or services. Additionally all email leads are manually verified before they are sent over to our partner. No more paying for unqualified leads.


A full Content Marketing Plan with locations of customers online, content to produce, which topics convert, what to create and how to get it seen.


A fee TBD per pre-qualified lead will be invoiced weekly and will be paid to City + Search via credit card. A credit card authorization form will be sent to you after we partner.

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