DIY Growth Marketing Plan

Get the 11 step digital marketing plan, made specifically for your business, for your team implement.

The DIY Growth Marketing Campaign will allow you to:

  • Increase Your Traffic - More readers, viewers, and more opportunities to turn into customers. You "net" just got wider.
  • Increase leads. By ranking for the terms your customers search for, you attract buyers with commercial intent. By ranking for education terms, you help convert them and keep them coming to you over and over, building lifetime customers
  • Increase sales. With all your new traffic and qualified leads, your guaranteed more sales!

Get started with your DIY Growth Marketing Plan


You need a professional plan of attack, a strategy to take your business forward. Most advice online is generic, you’re not sure it can work for your business, so you don’t take action on it.

Complete Digital Strategy+

Our team first researches and analyses your website, and industry.

We find any issues to be resolved, and then create a detailed strategy to dominate your market.

The detailed Digital Marketing strategy for your market is all laid out in step by step actionable advice.

This is the same strategy and techniques we use for full time clients, as well as our own properties.

Step-By-Step Action Plan +

The Exact Digital Marketing Campaign we create for your business when you become a full time client, but for your team to implement.

An actionable, step-by-step process to resolve issues, build out and optimise your traffic channels, and improve your rankings, and conversions.

The strategy for your market is all laid out in step by step advice. Rather than our team run your campaign, we lay out a direct plan for you or your staff to implement, in easy to follow videos and pdf’s.

Content Marketing Plan +

A full Content Marketing Plan with locations of customers online, content to produce, which topics convert, what to create and how to get it seen.

Get started with a free growth strategy session.

Chat with a City+Search growth marketing strategist to see if your company is a good fit for City+Search's invite-only private beta. Get instant feedback on your growth strategy, and learn how we can help.

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